What is Leisure And Activity Insurance?

What is Leisure And Activity Insurance?

Leisure and activity insurance in Ireland refers to insurance coverage designed specifically for businesses and organisations involved in leisure, recreational, and activity-based industries. This type of insurance provides protection against various risks and liabilities associated with the operation of these businesses.

Leisure and activity insurance typically caters to a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to:

Sports Clubs and Facilities:

Insurance for sports clubs, fitness centres, gyms, and sports facilities. This may include coverage for injuries, property damage, equipment theft, and public liability.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities:

Insurance for businesses offering adventure sports and outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, water sports, zip-lining, rock climbing, and similar pursuits. Coverage may encompass accidents, equipment damage, public liability, and professional indemnity.

Event Organizers:

Insurance for event organizers and promoters of leisure and recreational events, including concerts, festivals, sporting events, and exhibitions. This coverage can protect against potential risks like property damage, cancellation, public liability, and personal injury claims.

Amusement and Theme Parks: Insurance for amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, and similar attractions. It may cover accidents, ride malfunctions, public liability, property damage, and associated risks.

Leisure and Entertainment Venues:

Insurance for leisure and entertainment venues such as cinemas, theatres, bowling alleys, and indoor play centres. This coverage can include protection against property damage, public liability, and equipment malfunction.

Needless to say the specific coverage and features of leisure and activity insurance policies can vary among insurance providers. It’s crucial for businesses in these industries to assess their specific needs and consult with insurance professionals such as an Insurance Broker to ensure they have appropriate coverage to protect their operations, assets, and liabilities.

What is Leisure And Activity Insurance?


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