What Does Farm Insurance Typically Cover in Ireland?

What Does Farm Insurance Typically Cover in Ireland?

Farm insurance in Ireland typically covers a range of risks and liabilities associated with agricultural activities. While specific coverage may vary depending on the insurance provider and policy, here are some common aspects that are typically covered by farm insurance in Ireland:

Farm Property Insurance:

This provides coverage for physical assets such as farm buildings, machinery, equipment, and livestock. It protects against risks like fire, storm damage, theft, vandalism, and accidental damage.

Public Liability Insurance:

This coverage protects farmers against claims for accidental injury or property damage caused to third parties (e.g., visitors, customers, or neighbours) while on the farm premises. It typically includes legal expenses in case of lawsuits.

Employers’ Liability Insurance:

If the farm has employees, this insurance is essential. It covers claims made by employees for work-related injuries, illnesses, or accidents.

Livestock Insurance:

This coverage protects against the loss of animals due to accidents, disease, theft, or specified perils. It can also include coverage for veterinary expenses or loss of income resulting from the death or injury of livestock.

Crop Insurance:

Depending on the farm’s focus, crop insurance may be included to protect against damage or loss of crops caused by adverse weather conditions, pests, diseases, or other perils.

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance:

Farm vehicles, such as tractors or trucks, can be covered against theft, damage, or liability while operating on the farm or on public roads.

Business Interruption Insurance:

This coverage helps compensate for lost income and increased expenses if the farm operations are interrupted or halted due to an insured event like a fire or storm.

It’s important to note that this is a general overview, and the specific coverage and policy terms can vary among insurance providers. It is recommended to consult with your Insurance Broker with knowledge of farm insurance to get precise details and tailor the policy to your specific farm and requirements.

What Does Farm Insurance Typically Cover in Ireland?


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