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Motor Insurance

Your Insurance Broker can take the stress out of shopping around for car insurance by using their extensive knowledge of the market to find you the right cover at the best price.

Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance

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Finding the right car insurance cover can be a costly, time consuming and sometimes a frustrating experience. By using your local Insurance Broker, you can take the stress out of shopping around for car insurance by using their extensive knowledge of the insurance market to find you the right cover at the best price.

An Insurance Broker has access to the entire marketplace and can offer you an extensive product choice from various insurers.

Car Insurance
Without the Headache

Going through an Insurance Broker for your car insurance can allow you to avail of cost-effective discounts and ensure that you will always have an expert on your side when negotiating your policy cover.

Getting car insurance is something that everyone does regularly so why stress when you can receive expert assistance and the right professional advice at no extra cost?

Motor Insurance

Insurance Broker

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Buying car insurance should be given just as much importance as buying the car itself. With the help of your Insurance Broker who will help you to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of car insurance, you can optimise your insurance experience and enjoy the benefits


Not only does an Insurance Broker provide you with ‘peace of mind’ but you are fully protected in the hands of your Insurance Broker through:

  • Knowing that the insurer they recommend is trusted and of good reputational standing.
  • Your personal data used is fully protected and secured.
  • Guarantee that your policy cover does exactly what you want it to do.

Value for Money

As Insurance Brokers will source through a variety of insurance providers, you can rest assured that they are surveying the entire insurance landscape to find you the best deal and most suitable motor policy. An Insurance Broker’s expertise and experience can quickly identify potential flaws which could lessen a policy’s value to you.

Handling of Claims

An Insurance Broker’s service does not stop once you have signed your motor policy. In the event of an accident, your Insurance Broker will manage your claim by acting as an intermediary between you and the insurer. They will negotiate on your behalf and guide you through the tricky claims process without you having to worry about getting your claim sorted.

to Watch
Out For
Ask Your Insurance Expert

  • Total Clarity

    An Insurance Broker cannot automatically know all of your specific requirements unless you let them know as much relevant details as possible. Clarity and transparency is crucial for the Broker-client relationship so that they can provide you with the best and most suitable motor cover for your needs.

  • Commission

    Due to new Central Bank of Ireland regulation, all Insurance Brokers must publish their commission rates for existing and potential clients to see. It may be worth your while to familiarise yourself with this in the interest of transparency with your Broker.

  • Finding the Right Cover?

    To legally drive a car in Ireland, you must have at a basic level of cover called third party insurance which protects other people (third parties), but not you. If you injure someone or damage their property, they are covered but if your own car is damaged or stolen, you have to pay for the loss yourself. You can sometimes get more cover for less money through a comprehensive policy so always check with your Insurance Broker

  • Policy Checklist

    There are some things included with comprehensive car insurance which might be important to you, so check your policy carefully to see if it includes extras like: car stereo; speakers or sat-nav; personal belongings that are in the car; vehicle recovery or accident transport; windscreen damage and loss or theft of keys

  • Protect Your No Claims Bonus

    Plenty of insurers will offer a lower price for your car insurance if you go a certain amount of time without claiming. This is called a no-claims bonus, or no-claims discount. A way to safeguard your no claims bonus is to pay an additional amount on top of your car insurance to protect it. This means even if you were to make a claim, your no claims discount would stay intact.

What are the Benefits
of Dealing with a Broker?

  • Competitive
    Expert Advice

    Based on years of professional experience, an Insurance Broker will always provide expert advice to you. As an important and potentially costly aspect of everyday life, you can never have too much advice when it comes to making insurance decisions.

  • Experts

    Not being tied to any one provider, an Insurance Broker has access to a variety of products which allows them to extensively compare offerings and advise on the most suitable service, provider and price.

  • Access
    Better Value

    Your Insurance Broker has expertise in a wide range of policy types and insurers and possesses an in- depth knowledge of the overall market to ensure that they are providing the best value deal and cover for your insurance.

  • Competitive
    Time Efficient

    Brokers utilise their industry knowledge and experience by doing the ‘leg work’ and will quickly source the best and most suitable insurance deal available. This gives you time to focus on the more important things in life!

  • Experts

    An Insurance Broker will always act in their clients’ best interests by dealing personally with you, listen to your concerns and provide specifically tailored assistance and services. They will spend time getting to know and understand your insurance needs.

  • Access
    Peace of Mind

    In the event of a claim or query, an Insurance Broker will guide their clients through the process and effectively manage the claim on their behalf. Insurance Brokers are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland so that consumers are secure and protected at all times.

Insurance Brokers

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Get in touch with your local Insurance Broker today. An Insurance Broker will always act in their clients’ best interests through leveraging their considerable expertise to understand their clients’ needs and select the right insurance solution at the best possible price.

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